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What are YOUR office insurance needs?

Whether your office is a regional Call-center, Law office or Realtor, you have one thing in common. It’s all commercial-use. Each of those entities and many more, operate as a place of employment. So, when searching for and office insurance policy, its best to know what information you’ll need to provide accurate coverage.

What’s Covered

Those descriptions are very broad, so you may still be asking “What IS office insurance?”

Because the type of work performed has the ability to create risk, it helps to define that work.
Let’s consider office first. How many employees are there? Do customers and vendors routinely visit your office? A good office insurance quote will take these and many other factors into account. The intent is to protect the business as well as anyone with a valid claim should someone slip and fall on stairs or a carpet. Other factors to be considered include the loss or damage to a customer (residential or commercial) should they suffer a loss due to services rendered by your business.

This insurance does commonly cover the office contents such as equipment, computers, printers and furniture. The value of data which is may be housed on those computers is something to specifically discuss with your trained insurance advisor.

YOUR Specific Needs?

If your office performs legal transcription, writing, editing and moving computer files between other offices, your risk may be low. In fact your best single protection is probably a working agreement that states your work is subject to the attorney reviewing it. In addition, simply having employees who perform clerical work may carry a comparatively low risk for “work function”.

Comparing that to a staff of employees who work in Pest Management the exposure is very different. That company will likely have some clerical staff, but will also have to consider things like:

  • Industry required training at multiple levels (Manager, Applicator, Etc.)
  • State licensing
  • Commercial Vehicle insurance
  • Liability to customer property (residential or commercial)
  • Health liability based on materials which are used in the workplace

Be sure you’re covered

Because each of these businesses work within a specific area of need, their risk of loss is different. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced professionals who know what questions to ask and how to work within both your industry and your region.

For more information on the coverage and cost of business office insurance, contact us here. looks forward to serving you.

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