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How to Buy Home Owners Insurance Online

An outline for understand what’s covered and making your insurance work for you

For many Americans, your home is your single largest asset and financed purchase. While mortgage lenders consider all the aspects that go into a mortgage payment, one almost always required is homeowners insurance.

Being a well-informed homeowner who understands your insurance coverage is important. But this can be a complex purchase and being in touch with an excellent, networked agency can provide you greater options for more affordable home owners insurance.

What to expect when you start quoting online.

There are going to be a lot of questions. If you already own a home, having a current mortgage statement will be of great use. Expect to have answers for:

  1. Construction Type and Quality
  2. Occupancy Type and Rate
  3. Protective Devices Present (such as monitoring and alarm systems)
  4. Exposure (meaning limits of insurance required for each type of coverage requested)

What Does It Cover?

Home owners insurance covers numerous potential situations. While the most obvious is physical damage to the structure, staying current with descriptions of your home is a smart thing to do. Changes, upgrades and renovations can increase the value of a home. Keeping these details up to date will help to ensure you’re covered for replacement values instead of previous costs. In the event of damage to the point that you will need to stay in a hotel or other “paid” accommodations, your policy may cover these expenses as well.

It also covers the belongings IN your home such as furniture, furnishings, electronic devices and appliances, even jewelry. The key to having these items covered and accounted for is keeping records up-to-date.

Even loss or theft while away from home may be covered, depending on your policy.

Is Cheap Home Owners Insurance Good or Bad?

As with many insurance related questions, the answer is, “It depends”. Paying less is always attractive when the bill is due. What a responsible insurance professional should ask is, “In the event that…”

We all want our bill to be low, but should you experience a loss, big or small, sometimes that lesser bill becomes a regret. This is not always the case and much like investments, the real question is, “What is your risk tolerance?” The answers are rarely right or wrong, but personal.

If you’re interested in a second opinion on your current policy,’s network of professional agents provides home owners insurance reviews for many customers. You can contact us here (link).

Property Owners and Landlords.

Regulations vary from state to state and rental property is technically considered to be “commercial”. This is an area in which we have decades of experience. For property owners who don’t live on-site, there are customized packages to help protect you in the event of a claim as well as negligent actions by tenants.

Independent Agents

At our network of professional agents have a long  history of successful customer service. Independent agents they routinely communicate and network with home owners insurance carriers. By doing this, Rates, Package deals and Discounts as well as Promotional packages are shared with customers while performing home owners insurance reviews. In our opinion, this structure creates the most advantageous relationship between and our network of professional agents. In turn, you the customer receive the most honest advice and recommendations.

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