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Shopping for Personal Health Insurance

Company and organizational choices can be a challenge.

Personal health insurance is a complex topic anywhere in the world. In the United States, recent years have seen that complexity increase. For most Americans it’s rarely a question of “IF” health insurance is wanted but “where to get health insurance”.

Timing is everything

For most employers who offer health care coverage, there are specified times of the year in which employees can enroll. Often these periods of enrollment are dictated by length of employment (an eligibility requirement set by the employer) and availability (a predetermined time set by the provider) when new clients can be enrolled.

Once both of these requirements are met, you have the opportunity to review your options.

When your company or employer provide the opportunity for health care coverage, you will still have several options to consider. These options are commonly presented during a period called “Open Enrollment”. This period when any citizen can purchase health care coverage changes slightly based on the calendar year, but generally runs from early November to Early April. There are exceptions to this waiting period for Open Enrollment. Some of them are: Recent loss of health insurance, Pregnancy and Moving legal residence from one state to another.

Can I purchase apart from my employer

Technically yes. Please be warned though. This is a complex process which immediate cost and tax implications.

It’s More than Checking the Right Box

During an Open Enrollment season, numerous carriers and brokers are made available to help people sign up for coverage. As you can imagine though, not all services are equal. In order to ensure you find the best health insurance carriers for you, we suggest shopping several professionals. For Human Resource Directors, there is also the added responsibility of meeting the needs of your company employees. If that’s you, we encourage you to contact us directly at so we can offer connection to representative who can make your job much easier.

Where do I FIND personal Health Insurance?

When you’re looking for a health insurance quote online, please contact us at We’ll be happy to locate a qualifying agent who meets your company’s needs. Finding the best fit for service, along with the best premium-rate, requires experience. Contact us here for a personal health insurance professional. looks forward to serving you.

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