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Flood Insurance

When you can’t avoid, you can often protect.

It’s about protection

Any insurance, including flood insurance, is purchased to protect either the things you own, your financial wellbeing. So whether you NEED flood insurance may be a matter of opinion. Generally, responsible insurance professionals will recommend you purchase insurance when you have possessions of significant value or people depending on you for personal and financial support.

Flood damage has been studied in great detail. Due to the considerable damage water can create, recovering from a flood can be one of the most costly disasters. Every year, flood damage costs millions of dollars in damages in the U.S.

How do I know if I need flood insurance?

Good question. There are some areas in which residents and owners are required to have flood insurance. Those requirements are regulated by the federal government and can be found here at the FEMA website. Often the requirements are based around extended loans vs. regions that are prone to flood.


One of the issues becomes unpredictability. Although some regions are more prone to flooding than others, it may not be unforeseen when flooding occurs. However, many areas of the country CAN receive sudden, heavy rainfall resulting in short term flooding.

How do you get flood insurance?

A flood policy can only be purchased via an insurance agent participating in the The National Flood Insurance Program. This type of insurance cannot be purchased otherwise at this time. Purchasing flood insurance before an event is the best way to protect your self. There is a customary 30-day waiting period, following your agreement signature date. There are however, some exceptions to this waiting period. They include:

  1. Structures in a newly designated high risk area
  2. Purchase of insurance in tandem with a mortgage extension
  3. Policy renewals where flood insurance is added
  4. Other exceptions can be found here

Strictly personal

If you’re a home owner in search of a house flood insurance policy, please contact us directly. Regardless of when you purchase, becoming informed is always better-done sooner than later.

For more information on the coverage and cost of a home or business flood insurance policy, contact us here. looks forward to serving you.

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