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Personal Auto Insurance

Because there are so many options, let’s help you ask the right questions.

Choosing the right agency for your personal auto insurance SOUNDS easy. You’ve probably seen the Ads online, TV and maybe even heard them on the radio while you drive. You know the drill: The company selling you their message may be using an attractive spokesperson, cute mascot or catchy tagline. They may even stake their claim to YOUR business by bragging about the new technology they use. But if you, as a smart consumer really look at it, these tactics are the same as they were more than 50 years ago. It’s one company selling their products in the hopes that you’ll buy.

And that’s OK.

But you might want more than just “OK”.

You might want the help of a professional personal service auto insurance advisor. That advisor will listen to you; Ask what you’re interests are and how you want things protected in the event that an auto accident claim occurs. That advisor puts YOUR needs before the desires of their company.

“Captive” agents.

You see, a Personal Auto Insurance Agency can be found in 2 general groups:  Captive or Independent.

Captive agencies center their services on one company alone. The advantage to the agent is this helps them develop a book of business quickly and efficiently. The agent can become very skilled at locating and providing packages for customers that meet their requests. The drawback is that sometimes this places the agent in the position of “pushing” a product for their single insurance carrier.

Independent Agents

At our network of professional agents and long-standing history of client service have provided another road. Independent agents routinely communicate and network with insurance carriers. By doing this, Rates, Package deals and Discounts as well as Promotional packages are shared with customers while performing personal auto insurance reviews. In our opinion, this structure creates the most advantageous relationship between and our network of professional agents. In turn, you the customer receive the most honest advice and recommendations.

Is Insurance all about price?

Of course you want the best insurance fit for your needs at the best price! And if price is the only thing you measure,’s network of professional agents have options for you. It’s common for young drivers to find themselves in this category. Because young drivers are one of the highest risk groups, they often don’t receive attractive insurance rates. Buying cheap is easy, so be careful. The advantage of working with’s network of professional agents is they are not tethered to any one insurance carrier, or product. An honest and faithful auto insurance agent will address what buying on price alone can mean in the event of an accident. The choice is yours and at, we strive to connect you with an insurance professional to act as your advocate and reliable advisor.

When you’re ready to begin, we’d be happy to help you steer toward the automobile insurance professional who fits both your needs and your budget. Contact us here for a Personal Auto Insurance Quote. looks forward to serving you and your family.

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