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Artisan Contractor

Should you consider Artisan Contractors Insurance?

Protecting your self and your livelihood.

Before looking into the subject “Artisan contractors insurance”, let’s define what an artisan contractor is and how it differs from other Contractor insurances. There is a fine line between these disciplines, which is easy to misunderstand.

General Contractor

When a home-owner or business looks to perform repair, replacement or renovation to a structure, numerous skilled contractors can be required. The owner may contact a “general contractor” to inspect and perform an estimate prior to the project. In some cases the general contractor may be able to complete the project, solo. Many are multi-skilled and for small projects such as replacing a restroom vanity-cabinet, capable of completing the project. In order to perform this small job, the general contractor will need to work on: Plumbing, Removal and installation of cabinetry, Repair or replace flooring tile and grout, and finally touch up wall paint or wallpaper. Simple, straight-forward and done with one person.

However, in the case of larger projects the general contractor often acts and the project coordinator or “foreman”. This is where artisan contracting comes in.

Artisan Contractor

These trained and skilled contractors probably also have multiple talents. However, in the course of their work they have chosen to focus on one or two as their chief service area. Electricians, Plumbers, Painters and Tile Installers, among many others, can all qualify as “artisan contractors”.

Why Artisan Contractor Insurance?

Because Artisan Contractors are often brought into a project as part of a team, its important for each to understand their risk of exposure to legalities. The agreements in place with the customer and general contractor are specific to their project. In most cases, the subcontractors and artisan contractors may not have even seen these agreements. But in the event of damage or injury that may not be enough to protect them. For example, on large projects, when a team of artisan contractors are employed, should the work of one result in injury to the client, all artisan contractors related to that project may be named in the case.

Protect Yourself & Your Business

Legal actions following such a problem can cripple and even close a business that’s not properly protected. In addition, some services are inherently “more risky” than others. Because insurance is based on a set of variables including “risk”, the contractor who specializes may find artisan insurance in their area of expertise to be a lower premium cost vs. others.

For more information on the coverage and cost of an artisan contractor insurance policy, contact us here. looks forward to serving you.

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