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Commercial Property Insurance

When you can’t find your exact property description, contact us.

There are some structures and locations that may appear harder to define when searching for a commercial property insurance quote online. We often find owners of properties like warehouses, strip malls, shopping centers, mercantile and sometimes restaurants find themselves in this situation. If you’ve just begun or have searched all over and become frustrated, do your self a favor and contact us. We’re insurance professionals.

Most Often

Owners strip malls, shopping & mercantile centers and of warehouses find themselves caught between dealing with the public and acting as landlords. In effect these owners are not selling a product or service as part of their business. Rather their structures and the surrounding land become the “residence” for other businesses.

Because these locations are commonly leased to other business entities, this type of coverage is often referred to as lessor’s risk insurance.

What Does Property Insurance for Business Cover?

These types of shopping center insurance policies cover things like:

  • The owner’s small office within a large structure
  • Owners who occupy less 75% of the structure
  • Repair and/or replacement of property damaged by tenant use, weather damage or natural disaster. Be advised that flood insurance is a product all on it’s own and if this risk is found to be a concern, should be addressed as such in coverage and with your insurance professional.
  • For Strip Malls, this addresses the needs for liability and property damages

Accurate Info

If your commercial property description is included in this grouping, your best course of action is always full disclosure. Because other businesses are most often operating within your structure, having the most accurate and current information will help your strip mall liability insurance policy protect both these assets and the income derived from them.

Naming new and pre-existing tenants and their business descriptions along with services performed helps to keep the property owner covered.

Advising your tenants

Part of the discussion with the insurance professionals through will likely include instructing your tenants to purchase business insurance. We can help you address these issues with your tenants as well. Obviously, when your commercial tenants are doing well, paying their leases to you is beneficial for everyone. Instructing or requiring tenants to carry a certain amount of commercial insurance effectively protects you both.

For more information on the coverage and cost of LRO insurance, contact us here. looks forward to serving you.

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